When to Use Context Methods: Field and Diary Studies

Some UX-research methods involve asking users to pretend they’re in a realistic but hypothetical situation. For example, in a usability test, participants may be given the task to book a hotel room for an upcoming vacation to Croatia. Other UX-research methods like interviews, surveys, and focus groups can involve asking people to describe how they did something in the […]

Popular Design News of the Week: November 29, 2021 – December 5, 2021

Every day design fans submit incredible industry stories to our sister-site, Webdesigner News. Our colleagues sift through it, selecting the very best stories from the design, UX, tech, and development worlds and posting them live on the site. The best way to keep up with the most important stories for web professionals is to subscribe […]

Monetization and ethics of video games | by Yannick Allendorf | Dec, 2021

Starting at the beginning — with retail purchases — I will examine different monetization methods that accompanied video games over the years. Each examination will be structured into the following 3 parts: Summary of the method with focus on what exactly customers are buying in which way. Analysis of how the monetization method changes the […]

Why I care so much about public toilets | by Cailian Savage | Dec, 2021

The lack of good public toilets has a bigger impact on our daily lives than nearly anything else politicians discuss. Photo by Sung Jin Cho on Unsplash Some people get intensely passionate about religion. About immigration. About guns. About taxes, regulation, micro-aggressions, the situation in Palestine, waiting lists at hospitals, neighborhood watches. Me? My blood […]

5 highly recommended typefaces for 2022 | by Marc Andrew | Dec, 2021

Objektiv, like Sofia before, was ‘that’ Typeface for a very long time for me, with its versatility being the main reason it became ‘the special one’ for such a length of time. Sofia has since usurped it, but I still have a lot of love for Objektiv, especially when it can be used, again like […]

Thirty hypotheses on interface aesthetics | by Paul Amat | Dec, 2021

Expression of an emotion Let us pose the following hypothesis: the aesthetic phenomenon comes from the capacity of the medium to communicate an emotion. In the twentieth century, modern painters were no longer content to approach art and aesthetics as a strictly technical discipline. In parallel with the rise of psychoanalysis, they saw artistic aesthetics […]

Optimize the Color of Grouped Buttons for Task Performance

Does your interface have grouped buttons that users have to choose from to do a task? If you’re giving each button a unique color, you’re making a big UX mistake. The color of your grouped buttons affects task performance Too Many Button Colors When you use too many button colors, it visually distracts users as […]