Terms of reference for a new Centre for Economics and Epidemiology

In a previous post [scroll down!], I called for the UK [and other countries] to set up new, local centres for Economics and Epidemiology.  This is because the economic-epidemiological outlooks are impoverished by the two disciplines – at least at the point of making contact with policy and actual forecasts – are cleaved in two.  […]

Discovering Microsoft 365 Logs within your Organization [ Part 1]

Discovering Microsoft 365 Logs within your Organization Part 1 Unified Access Log (UAL)      I was recently asked to deliver a session around hunting Microsoft 365 logs to help an organization determine the various methods and limits to each. This seemed like an easy ask and I was sure someone already put together content. To my surprise, I couldn’t find a colleague that had […]

Perspectives on academic impact and expert advice to policymakers

A blog post prompted by this fascinating post by Dr Christiane Gerblinger: Are experts complicit in making their advice easy for politicians to ignore? There is a lot of advice out there for people seeking to make an ‘impact’ on policy with their research, but some kinds of advice must seem like they are a […]

Who Won Epic v. Apple? Consumers (But More Is Needed)

Post By John Bergmayer   September 16, 2021 Last year, Epic Games sued Apple, arguing — among other things —that its restrictions on app store payments for digital goods were anticompetitive. Last week, a California judge ruled partly in Epic’s favor. The outcome in the Epic v. Apple trial is good for developers and users. […]

Blog from the winner of our Policy & Politics 2021 undergraduate prize to the student achieving the highest overall mark on the ‘Understanding Public Policy’ unit at the School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol

Lara Gordge My name is Lara and I’m currently about to enter my final year of the BSc Social Policy with Criminology undergraduate degree at the School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol (home of the Policy & Politics journal). Winning the student prize for the ‘Understanding Public Policy’ unit came as quite a surprise, […]

Using R in Energy Markets

In recent years, there are have a number of considerable advances in the use and development of applied analytics, specifically through the statistical language of R. Of particular relevance to this paper is the ways in which these advances can be applied to increasing the supply of renewable electricity into conventional energy markets. This growing […]

Digital transformation strategy 2.0 – Public Purpose

This is a short submission (copied in full below) I made to the current rewrite of Australia’s digital strategy being curated by the Digital Transformation Agency. Its main message is that digital transformation needs to think bigger and take itself more seriously. No disrespect to the complex and difficult technical, often transactional work that is […]

explaining public preferences towards EU risk pooling for medicines – JEPP Online

Sharon Baute (University of Amsterdam) Anniek de Ruijter (University of Amsterdam)             In view of the current COVID-19 pandemic, access to medicines has moved centre-stage in national health policy debates. One prominent point of contention is the development of a permanent system of EU joint procurement. Since […]

How a Brexit transition end and covid19 compound

Talking to a friend today he pointed out how the pandemic, and a potential disorderly Brexit, compound each other. The way for consumers and firms to get through a threatened interregnum in essential supplies, to ensure continuity of services and, in the case of the consumer, of life itself! is to stockpile. An unusually large […]