2:00PM Water Cooler 12/6/2021 | naked capitalism

By Lambert Strether of Corrente. Patient readers, I was not able to pull off my yellow waders in time, so this is a skeletal Water Cooler, with only the standing elements. Otherwise, talk amongst yourselves! –lambert Bird Song of the Day I’m really having fun with these finches; there are so many! No doubt Darwin […]

c# – Best practice for getting references to gameobjects unity

When structuring the script to control a gameobject with several generations of children underneath, I gather from one of Jason Weimann’s videos that it’s a bad idea to use the string based methods to get your references like “transform.Find(“objectName”) because those names could change and break things. So what’s the best way to do it? […]

UPBGE 0.3 Released – GameFromScratch.com

Back in 2018, Blender removed game engine functionality, but thankfully UPBGE stepped in to fill the void, and just released UPBGE 0.3. Hot on the heels of the Blender 3.0 release, UPBGE 0.3 is built on top of Blender 3.0 and now contains support for the EEVEE real-time PBR based rendering system. Blender viewport integration […]

NFT games made with Cocos Creator – Off Topic

Hello community, There is so much hype around NFT gaming this year. So I’m interested what do you guys think about this trend and does someone have experience in how hard would it be to implement communication with walets/NFTs etc. Many web based games are using NFTs and have a great results, as I see […]

Hold the Check: Overdrafts, Fee Caps, and Financial Inclusion

Jennifer Dlugosz, Brian Melzer, and Donald P. Morgan The 25 percent of low-income Americans without a checking account operate in a separate but unequal financial world. Instead of paying for things with cheap, convenient debit cards and checks, they get by with “fringe” payment providers like check cashers, money transfer, and other alternatives. Costly overdrafts […]

A trouble with cc.systemEvent. v3.3.2 – #3 by slackmoehrle – Cocos Creator

Hello!In v2.4.0 i could do that: onLoad() { cc.systemEvent.on(‘custom-event’, () => { console.log(‘Something’) }) cc.systemEvent.emit(‘custom-event’) } And it worked. In v3.3.2 it does not work. onLoad() { systemEvent.on(‘custom-event’, () => { console.log(‘Something’) }) systemEvent.emit(‘custom-event’) } How can i create and emit a custom system event? Source link

hlsl – Understanding numthreads and dispatchThreadID

Let me Explain The X, Y and Z values indicate the size of the thread group in a particular direction and the total of XYZ gives the number of threads in the group. The ability to specify the size of the thread group across three dimensions allows individual threads to be accessed in a manner […]

Get Back-Part One – The Big Picture

    It’s boring. At least the first half to two-thirds. That’s what they don’t tell you in the endless hosannas about this miniseries, that if you’re not a dyed-in-the-wool Beatles fan, you’re gonna have a hard time sitting through it. Having said that, what we’ve got here is the inner workings of a band. […]

Wrong rendering of hexagonal Tiledmap on 3.3.2 – #2 by slackmoehrle – Cocos Creator

Hello! It seems 3.3.2 is not rendering hexagonal TileMaps properly here is how it should look, on tiledmap: here is the cocos creator scene view: Render view: At first i thought it was the FIX_ARTIFACTS_BY_STRECHING_TEXEL_TMX bamboozlement all over again, but it seems this is no longer being used. Here is a sample project: wirewalksms.zip (1.2 […]