Just Say No: IKEA to Phase Out Plastic Packaging By 2028

By Jerri-Lynn Scofield, who has worked as a securities lawyer and a derivatives trader. She is currently writing a book about textile artisans. Swedish retailer IKEA has announced it will phase out most plastic packaging by 2028 for existing products, and 2025, for new ones. If that seems to be  a lackluster commitment, with a […]

The Virus Next Time – AIER

As we stagger toward the endgame of the Covid-19 pandemic, several “bigger picture” lessons come to mind thinking ahead to the next pandemic. First, the most draconian policy responses resulted from the failure of the state and national governments to prepare for a pandemic that had been predicted for decades prior to 2020. Secondly, the extraordinary power […]

Canada Trying to Deny Food to Unvaccinated?

Politicians are not just violating the foundation of a free society, they are now moving to such tyranny unmatched throughout history. These governments will not relent. They have been deliberately trying to destroy the economy so Schwab can Build Back Better. They have gone this far with shutdowns and all sorts of restrictions of the […]

Will the US inflation rate justify a quicker taper from the Fed?

Will the US inflation rate justify a quicker taper from the Fed? Federal Reserve chair Jay Powell said in testimony before the Senate on Tuesday last week that he no longer viewed inflation as “transitory”, and signalled openness to accelerating the pace of the central bank’s unwinding of crisis-era monetary policy. November’s consumer price index […]

When Fiat Currency Stops Being Money

Most emerging and developed market currencies have devalued significantly relative to the United States dollar in 2021 despite the Federal Reserve’s aggressive monetary policy. Furthermore, emerging economies that have benefitted from rising commodity prices have also seen their currencies weaken despite strong exports. As such, inflation in developing economies is much higher than the already elevated figures posted […]

Intraday Timing of General Collateral Repo Markets

Kevin Clark, Adam Copeland, R. Jay Kahn, Antoine Martin, Mark Paddrik, and Benjamin Taylor Market participants have often noted that general collateral (GC) repo trades happen very early in the morning, with most activity being completed soon after markets open at 7 a.m. Data on intraday repo volumes timing are not publicly available however, obscuring […]

Links 12/4/2021 | naked capitalism

‘Potentially hazardous’ asteroid worth nearly $5 billion will enter Earth’s orbit next week, NASA says Live Science Elliott Buys More Than $200 Million Twitter Shares On Dip Bloomberg Influential Koch network rocked by an alleged affair scandal, donor departures and a discrimination lawsuit CNN Covid-19 Made Americans Into Super Savers. Now They’re Hoarding Cash. WSJ […]

A New Idea Emerges at COP26 – AIER

In November, 2021, 180 world leaders gathered in Glasgow, Scotland for COP26, the United Nations’ annual climate summit. But once the wheels of their private jets had touched down on domestic tarmac, it was unclear what exactly this fortnight of doomsday lecturing had accomplished. Professional truant Greta Thunberg eloquently summarized the event as “blah, blah, […]

The Climate Crisis & More Propaganda

QUESTION: How can you be against climate change when every world leader has been convinced and 97% of all scientists say you are wrong? JL ANSWER: Climate always changes and it has done so for millions of years without soccer moms driving the kids in SUVs. It is just propaganda. Governments have adopted this as […]