Crowd-built Eve V: A commentary on the dual nature of product design | by Antony Terence | Nov, 2021

The Eve V was built by people who knew what they wanted

There was more to the Eve V than exclusivity or being “built by techies.”

Despite the pinch of bias, I believe the Eve V did a lot right:

  • An energy-efficient 2880×1920 IGZO display with a 3:2 aspect ratio.
  • Four(!) USB ports (with two legacy USB A ones) in an 8.9mm frame.
  • Quad speakers and a category-first RGB keyboard (that was also wireless).
  • A 48 Wh battery, 20% bigger than the one in Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4.
  • Bundled with an Alcantara fabric keyboard and a stylus, starting at $699.

Both reviewers and users had good things to say about the Eve V. The balance between its hardware and pricing tempted customers away from big-name brands.

While the Eve V was stacked on paper, reviews shed light on flaws its community failed to address.

A big battery and a power-efficient but bulky design led to battery life that was good, not great. Many reported quality issues, especially with the keyboard. The fanless 7th gen chips were satisfactory but didn’t top performance charts.

And that’s before considering the logistics behind international customer support and repairs. If you managed to buy one, that is.

Despite the Eve V’s lukewarm reception, its successor changed the script.

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