unity – Humanoid rig breaks my animation

It appears that you don’t have “Apply Root Motion” checked in your Animator component.

Without that setting, the root bone of your 3d model stays bolted to the game object and all the other bones move relative to it.

With that setting, the whole gameObject will move when the animation moves the root bone. So in effect the object will move down when the root bone moves down.

Leaving this disabled can be useful in some cases because it ensures that your C# scripts retain full control over the position of the game object. But it is of course inconvenient when you have animations like this which change the height of the object root. It also means that you are now responsible for making sure that the speed of the walk cycle matches the speed with which you move the object. When you use root motion, then the movement speed is defined by the root motion of the walk animation in blender.

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