Empower great multiplayer experiences with Relay and Lobby

Introducing our brand new multiplayer connection services, Relay and Lobby, plus a fresh sample project to learn hands-on with these services. 

From LAN parties in the mid-1990s, to MMOs with players spanning the globe in the 2020s, it’s clear that the world of multiplayer gaming has grown and changed drastically over the last few decades. And with it, the needs of developers must adapt in order to meet new player expectations. 

That’s why we’re expanding our multiplayer technology stack, in order to update it with the latest tech developers need to deliver great multiplayer experiences to their gamers. 

Our new Multiplayer Services stack covers three key areas: 

  • Creation of the foundation for your multiplayer game 
  • Connection of your players
  • And empowering player communication

For this blog, let’s explore how our Connection pillar is growing with our latest tools to help studios of all sizes enable peer-to-peer multiplayer experiences: Relay and Lobby.

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