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Invasive lake trout have been decimating native fish populations for decades. Residents of the Flathead Reservation in Montana have a solution. The Counter

How Facebook and Google fund global misinformation MIT Technology Review. “An MIT Technology Review investigation, based on expert interviews, data analyses, and documents that were not included in the Facebook Papers, has found that Facebook and Google are paying millions of ad dollars to bankroll clickbait actors, fueling the deterioration of information ecosystems around the world.” One hand washes the other.

The Spac machine sputters back to life after dramatic meltdown FT

How Delaware Became the World’s Biggest Offshore Haven Foreign Policy


COP26 focused on long-term climate goals. But what does this decade hold? Open Democracy

What’s Driving Global Deforestation? Organized Crime, Beef, Soy, Palm Oil and Wood Products Counterpunch (RH).

Modi praised for climate reforms then upset Glasgow Pact Asia Sentinel

Coal cold shoulder intensifies Hellenic Shipping News


Short-term and Long-term Rates of Postacute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 Infection JAMA. From October, still germane. Findings: “In this systematic review of 57 studies comprising more than 250 000 survivors of COVID-19, most sequelae included mental health, pulmonary, and neurologic disorders, which were prevalent longer than 6 months after SARS-CoV-2 exposure.” Mike the Mad Biologist comments: “[E]ven if we assume that four or five percent of people who have had COVID and didn’t need to go to the hospital still have cognitive impairment over half a year later, that’s a lot of American Carnage. We possibly could be looking at a couple of million disabled adults, maybe more.”

Hospitalizations rising among fully vaccinated in U.S., Fauci says NBC

Dr. Fauci says he expects babies and toddlers will have a COVID-19 vaccine by spring 2022 (interview) Business Insider


South China Sea: will Aukus affect Asean’s code of conduct talks with Beijing? South China Morning Post

Exclusive: Marriott refused to host Uyghur conference, citing “political neutrality” Axios


Growing Chinese investments in Myanmar post-coup Observer Research Foundation. Australia. Meanwhile:

As with all digital “open source” researchers, proceed with caution. That said, the chart sourced to the NUG is interesting. The Tatmadaw has a well-worn playbook for brutalizing ethnic verticals (e.g., the Rohingya). It is not obvious that they have a playbook or experience for dealing with a national insurgency.

Companies struggling to exit Myanmar ventures face prospect of investor flight FT


Nodeep Kaur Has Nothing To Lose Lux

Farmers win on many fronts, media fails on all People’s Archive of Rural India

Scientists mystified, wary, as Africa avoids COVID disaster AP

Slavery is alive in Mali and continues to wreak havoc on lives Al Jazeera


A pause to reflect Brexit & Beyond

COVID-19 situation worsens in Europe — Netherlands, Austria imposes full lockdown Business Insider.

Vienna brothel offers vaccines and free entry Reuters

The Caribbean

The Three-Act Tragicomedy of the Venezuelan Opposition Venezuelanalysis

Picking Up Where Bush, Obama, and Trump Left Off, Biden Extends U.S. Campaign to Crush Venezuela Covert Action

Biden Administration

McKinsey affiliate agrees to pay $18 mln to U.S. regulator over compliance failures Reuters. Meanwhile, the FTC shows signs of life:

Ethics Guidance to Protect the Public Trust and Detect Revolving Door Misconduct Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Biden’s OCC pick faces bipartisan grilling in contentious Senate banking hearing Banking Dive. Saule Omarova.

* * *

How the Democratic Child-Care Proposal Hurts Families Matt Bruenig, The Atlantic. Designed by Neera Tanden’s CAP with the ObamaCare exchanges as a precedent, and so including complex eligibility requirements, including workfare.

Democrats en Deshabille

Pharma Dems Saved The Drug Industry Half A Trillion Dollars The Daily Poster

Two Democrats kill chances of reforming outdated hardrock mining law High Country News (Re Silc).

Health Care

Scientists report finding a second person to be ‘naturally’ cured of HIV, raising hopes for future treatments STAT


Boeing Built an Unsafe Plane, and Blamed the Pilots When It Crashed Bloomberg. Even worse than it looked at the time.


Man spotted with AR-15 outside Kyle Rittenhouse trial confirms he is a fired Ferguson police officer Chicago Tribune

Revisiting the Messy Language of the Second Amendment JSTOR Daily. From 2018, still germane.

Feral Hog Watch

Hong Kong declares wild boars fair game after animal attacks ABC


Kyle Rittenhouse’s Defense Was Strong Eric Levitz, New York Magazine. Key paragraphs:

Rittenhouse’s self-defense claims boast legal plausibility. But they also illustrate the difficulty of reconciling mass gun ownership and expansive rights to self-defense with the rule of law.

Rittenhouse’s killing of Rosenbaum may have been lawful. But that was scarcely self-evident to the bystanders who heard gunshots and then saw a killer holding an AR-15. .

Put differently: Once Rittenhouse fired his first shots, he and his attackers plausibly entered a context in which neither could be held legally liable for killing the other. Whether one emerged from this confrontation legally innocent or lawfully executed hinged on little more than one’s relative capacity for rapidly deploying lethal violence. , in full health, while Huber lies in a grave and Grosskreutz gets by without the bulk of his right bicep.

Which is absurd. But here we are!

Rittenhouse lawyers’ trial playbook: Don’t ‘crusade,’ defend AP

Rittenhouse 2.0: Threats of New Litigation Fly in the Aftermath of Rittenhouse Verdict Jonathan Turley

Kenosha, I Do Mind Dying Ill Will

Black Injustice Tipping Point

Travis McMichael admits Ahmaud Arbery never pulled out a weapon or threatened him NY Post

Imperial Collapse Watch

What Was the Iran-Contra Affair? A Political Scandal That Engulfed the Reagan White House Teen Vogue. Iran-Contra.

Grenada, the Evacuation of Afghanistan, and the Future of War War on the Rocks

Where Did All the Public Bathrooms Go? Bloomberg

When Do You Shower? Plough

Class Warfare

Turns out, Harvard students aren’t that smart after all Guardian. “43% of the white student body was admitted on criteria other than merit. Those 43% are ALDCs: athletes, legacies, dean’s interest list (children of major donors) or children (of Harvard faculty). Three quarters of ALDCs do not have the grades to be admitted to Harvard on their own merit.” A wretched hive of scum and villainy.

COVID-19: Amazon workers were left ‘terrified and powerless’ after it concealed coronavirus cases, California says Sky News

Fiscal Muscle Stephanie Kelton, The Lens. The deck: “How was it ever in doubt?” A fully justified happy dance on the bloated yet still-opining corpse of Larry Summers.

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