CC3.1.1 Bug Audio plays double on first time – #6 by system – Cocos Creator

Hello, here is a video demonstrating the problem

The top button just play the audio in this simple way for testing:

The second button goes through a custom audio manager with key->clip, but the hook is like this:


    onLoad() {        
        this.node.on(Button.EventType.CLICK, this.onclick, this);

    onclick() {
        if (this.key)

In AudioManager.ts the playByKey just finds the clip and at the end call this:

    public playOneShot(clip: AudioClip, volumeScale = 1) {
        if (!this.isAudioEnabled)
        if (!clip)
        if (this.source)
            this.source.playOneShot(clip, volumeScale);
            logger.log(`ERROR: AudioSource is null`);

Hope that these extra info help

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