game design – An RPG that makes you a better person

Many medias like manga/anime try to turn their readers/watchers into better humans, and books have been doing it since the dawn of time.

So I was thinking about an RPG where you have to level up together with your character.

If you wanted your character to learn some fancy karate skills, you would have to learn it yourself too with a videocamera and a bot watching you to verify that your forms is correct and that you are improving, same if you wanted your character to get stronger ; get down on the floor and do some push ups together with yout character. Or if you wanted your character to learn a new language and increase their wisdom stat you’d have to pass gamified tests like in duolingo or other apps. Or maybe to raise your character’s dexterity you’d have to learn and perform diffult keyboard coordination and speed tests.

Could anti-cheating methods be used with our current or near future technology for such a game?

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