unity – Does Animator.StartRecording(int frameCount) scale the framebuffer if not stopped by Animator.StopRecording()?

During testing, the Animator played the same animation, which generally goes for 2.30 fs of a second in real time. It contains 90 frames.

I know I’m calling the Animator.StopRecording() too late. But I still set the buffer limit to 1 frame when I called the _anim.StartRecording(1). Why, when I move through the recorded animation through my public float _playBackTime assignment in the inspector, then I can move through the entire animation from 90 frames when the limit was 1 frame?

Does this mean that the buffer for recording the animation will expand to 10,000 frames until the Animator.StopRecording() is called?

void Start()
        _anim = GetComponent<Animator>();
void Update()
        if(i >= 10)
            _anim.playbackTime = _playBackTime; // _playBackTime - my public variable
        i += Time.deltaTime;

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