Sumo Group intends to become carbon net zero by 2025

Sumo Group has pledged to become carbon net zero across all of its studios by 2025.

The UK company owns a number of notable studios including Sackboy: A Big Adventure developer Sumo Digital, Little Orpheus developer The Chinese Room, and Mars Horizon maker Auroch Digital.

Sumo explained it has purchased carbon offsets equivalent to the approximate total emissions of its entire UK business for 2020 as a “significant first step” to achieving that goal.

The company also intends to partner with eco-restoration organisation Ark2030 to continue offsetting its environmental impact, and is keen to reduce its own emissions while supporting projects that support both carbon-footprint reduction and ecosystem regeneration.

“The first [Ark2030] project to be supported by Sumo Group is a programme to restore British Peatlands, focusing on an area of nearly 7,000 square kilometres of peatland soils in Northern England,” reads a press release.

“Peatlands are the UK’s equivalent of rainforests, storing vast quantities of carbon. It is estimated that damage to the Northern Peatlands releases millions of tonnes of carbon annually. As well as their importance in carbon storage, healthy peatlands slow the flow of water from hills, reducing the risk of flooding, and support a wide range of wildlife.”

Sumo Group general counsel Steven Webb said the company is keen to identify projects to support in regions where it has studios, and intends to “make a visible and meaningful difference.”

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