Skate 2 server shutdowns announced right as it’s made backwards compatible for Xbox devices

Good news for anyone who enjoyed EA’s Skate series–Skate 2 was among the 76 titles added to Xbox’s backwards compatibility program earlier today, making it playable on modern Xbox devices. 

But, there’s also bad news: right after this was announced, EA declared that it’s turning off the multiplayer servers for the game on December 10th.

EA’s timing here is a bit comical to say the least. Its tweet announcing the server shutdown did state that “It’s not an easy decision and not something we take lightly.”

It’s possible that whatever licensing agreements that allowed Xbox to update Skate 2 for modern consoles may have included language that prevents the game’s online services from being maintained. It’s a weird set of circumstances that have led to another classic game’s functionality to be reduced, even as it becomes available for more players (and developers) to revisit. 

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