Cocos2dx-2.26 Android Project compiling? – #2 by slackmoehrle – cocos2d-x

Hey folks, I know it’s very old (2.26) however a few games of mine use it, and I have not been able to change anything due to not getting the code to recompile. I tried creating a blank v3.17 project but there were too many errors to fix as it used a few custom classes and would take ages to solve (and I have a few projects to do of them).

As an example, I use Android Studio 4.2, I can get my code into Android Studio, and it will run on my device / export apk etc etc however any changes I make in the classes are not ‘built’ and it’s only tiny changes I need to make (like removing a button!) and then wanting to just recompile the .lib file. Obviously any java files I change work fine, it’s just the classes files.

I have tried and tried to get it to work with no success, I wonder is there another option? Even if I compile the files outside of Android Studio – I used to use Eclipse but I guess that isn’t supported these days? Appreciate any advice!

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