Sony lowers PlayStation 5 production outlook due to component shortage

Sony is the latest console maker to reduce its production outlook for the fiscal year due to component shortages.

According to Reuters, the Japanese company has downwardly revised its PlayStation 5 production target for FY2022 to 15 million units from 16 million units.

People familiar with the company’s operations indicated the decision is a result of the ongoing semiconductor shortage that’s causing issues for hardware manufacturers. 

Other companies like Nintendo are also being impacted. Earlier this year, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said that Switch production was “more uncertain” due to supply issues.

Nintendo then reportedly lowered Switch production targets by 20 percent at the beginning of November, before also reducing Switch hardware sales estimates for the fiscal year to 24 million units from 25.5 million units.

Back in September, Toshiba indicated that semiconductor shortages could affect console production for at least another year.

“The supply of chips will remain very tight until at least September next year,” commented Takeshi Kamebuchi, a director in charge of semiconductors at Toshiba. “Game console makers are among the customers making the strongest demands and I’m sincerely sorry for their frustration as none of them have a 100 percent satisfaction.”

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