Cocos2dx 4.0 vs 3.17.2 – #27 by CrazyHappyGame – cocos2d-x

@CrazyHappyGame I’ll be testing the iOS and OS X builds on an Apple ARM M1 in a few weeks, so I’ll post back when I get a chance to test it all out.

There was at least one other post on this forum regarding the ARM M1 processor builds (here).

Also, I’ve been using Cocos2d-x v4 to develop everything, with some custom changes to the engine (including fixes from pull requests etc), and it seems to run fine on Android and iOS devices. The main project I’m working on also builds with the engine-x fork being maintained by @halx99, just as a fallback if work on the primary Cocos2d-x repo doesn’t continue. I do have to admit that the lack of attention Cocos2d-x is getting by the developers is a little concerning.

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