Reimagining Paris with the help of an urban digital twin

The Vectuel model currently has approximately 250 projects in progress, including the Grand Paris Express expansion – the biggest transportation project in all of Europe. It is also linked to all urban planning projects in France, including the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. The Société du Grand Paris is working with Vectuel to plan its expansion of Paris’s primary transportation system, which will include 4 new train lines and 68 new interconnected train stations – significantly cutting down commute times for Parisians. 

Planning the expansion within the digital twin will enable engineers and architects to see how each train line and station will affect the surrounding neighborhoods, pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow, as well as further urban design and development. From there, the model can be used to identify problems and areas needing improvement, before construction starts. Additionally, locals will be able to see the proposed project and interact with the model to view the location of new train lines and stations. The ability to visualize spatial data, simulate construction, and see into the future are a few of the fundamental benefits of a city digital twin. 

“We want to help the people of Paris make informed decisions when it comes to feedback on proposed developments, know what their neighborhoods might look like in the future, and be a part of the community’s growth,” says Teïlo François, Vectuel’s Director of Innovation. “Unity is helping us do that.”

Construction on the first Grand Paris Express station will begin soon, as planning for other stations continues in the digital twin. Once the expansion is complete, it will be used by over 2 million people per day, with trains arriving every 2-3 minutes across 200 km of new tracks. 

Vectuel plans to grow its model, partnering with more clients to add data and detail. The evolving digital twin of Paris is casting the city in a new light, deeply engaging its citizens in its urban development.


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