Automate Data on Your Form Fields with APIs

If you’re not using APIs on your interface, you’re missing out. There’s no better way to improve the user experience than to automate your internal data processes. Doing this will allow you to receive accurate data and users to complete their tasks faster.

The hottest APIs to use right now are from apilayer. They serve over a million customers worldwide with a suite of over 20 APIs that you can use, starting with a free trial.

Here’s how you can improve the user experience of your forms by using their ipstack and countrylayer API. Suppose your form requires users to enter their country, postal code, city, state, and phone number.

The ipstack API can geolocate the user’s IP address and autofill the country, postal code, city, and state fields. Doing this saves users a lot of time and effort from entering the data themselves.

Not only that, but the countrylayer API allows you to customize input formats based on country. For instance, you can provide users with the proper phone number format no matter what country they’re from. You can also offer proper date formats and languages based on country.

APIs are the solution you’re looking for to create a customized and automated user experience. Apilayer is easy to implement with detailed documentation and instructions for developers. Get started now by exploring the APIs in their suite.

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