When someone from your team leaves, does that mean you should too? | by Peter Ip | Nov, 2021

Last week, our Senior Content Designer told us that he would be leaving our team and the company in two weeks.

We could do nothing because we knew for personal reasons this was the best move for him and in addition, our company had “frameworks” in place that definitely does not help resolve his pain points.

And so that’s it.

That’s the end.

Him leaving is sad for sure, we will stay in touch, and the rest of us will continue for the foreseeable future. But that got me thinking…

Batman rubbing his chin

This is just a thought so calm down.

But realistically, I won’t stay at this company forever because I would want to grow and continue my professional life while experiencing new teams, products, and companies.

When someone departs from your team, it’s like a mini shockwave and it’s difficult not to evaluate my own current situation.

  • Are they leaving for the same reason I am considering?
  • Do I have the same dissatisfaction that they had?
  • How much more can I grow in this position and in this company?
  • Will anyone else from my team leave in the near future for similar reasons?
  • How do we address the missing gap as a team?

The list could go on forever honestly.

Yes, I write my career and life goals in a notebook every year to remind myself but at the same time if I answered “yes” to several of the questions I had running through my mind, is that enough to warrant a slight shift to my goals and consider leaving also?

I don’t know the answer and I don’t expect to have a clear answer for a while.

But it does get me to look at my goals and see if team-fit is a high priority for my career because after experiencing this power ranger-like team, I’d say it is.

My team will undoubtedly be receiving new team members, but the team dynamic will be thrown off for sure and shifted if our own UX Manager cannot have a say in who gets dropped into our team or not.

I’m not one to back down from change and I love to meet new people, but it’ll be a change I need to get used to.

But maybe this is a reminder that I shouldn’t align work and my life so closely.

Maybe I should though.

Maybe this was a sign.

Maybe this was a gentle reminder.

Either way, thank you to this mighty team that has shaped who I am and for the great memories and experiences. 🙏

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