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And finally, to the point of this significant acquisition — to our creators now and in the future. We believe we are just at the beginning of an enormous need for rich, interactive, compelling, 3D content — in games, in movies, and far beyond.

We believe we need to do more to make it easy for anyone to be able to create, and this acquisition is one of the foundational elements we will use to deliver this vision. We want to make it easy for these tools where content creators already are. In tools like Unity, in tools like Maya and Houdini, and in many others. We want to use the cloud to give content creators super powers by making these deep tools available, accessible and more. It will take some time to realize this complete vision, but please see this as our first step.

And to the entire Weta team, thank you for using your imagination and vision to inspire us.  We are looking forward to this future together.

I am very excited about the creation of Weta Digital at Unity. The other day, somebody shared with me a very powerful Māori proverb:

Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou ka ora ai te iwi

I believe the literal translation means “with your bread basket and my bread basket, our people will thrive.” This thought — if we work together, we can do much more than if we are alone — captures exactly what we are trying to do.

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