2d – Spritesheet with unstable width

I’m working on my 2d game engine using HTML5 and Canvas. I have a sprite sheet, and each frame of this sprite sheet has its own size.

Considering that the Viewport is following this sprite sheet (in the sense that it is translated relative to the position and dimension of this spritesheet), the centering process of the object undergoes some changes due to the recalculation that takes into account the size of the aforementioned sprite sheet, which in some frames is larger, and in other frames smaller.

To avoid these problems, should I give the sprite sheet a fixed size? Or, for example, would it be more appropriate to consider a fictitious dimension that is an average of the dimensions of the individual frames? As a solution I thought to consider only the center of the sprite sheet, which is always 1×1 pixel. What do you think?

I am ready to consider all suggested solutions.

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