unity – How can I spin object randomly change direction every x seconds on the y axis only?

Even if I set the value 1 on the y only on the spinAxis variable and leave both x and z 0 it will spin also on the x and z.

How can I make the objectToSpin to spin only on the y axis ?

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class MissleLauncherRotation : MonoBehaviour
    public GameObject objectToSpin;
    public Vector3 spinAxis;
    public float timeToSpin = 5f;
    public float spinSpeed = 20f;
    public bool randomSpin = false;

    private void Start()

    private void Update()


    IEnumerator Spin()
        float spinTimer;
        while (true)
            if (randomSpin == true)
                spinAxis = Random.onUnitSphere;

            spinTimer = timeToSpin;
            while (spinTimer > 0f)
                objectToSpin.transform.Rotate(spinAxis, Time.deltaTime * spinSpeed);
                spinTimer -= Time.deltaTime;
                yield return null;

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