Links 11/6/2021 | naked capitalism

Walrus leaves Arctic comfort zone for snooze on Dutch submarine Guardian (J-LS)

Who could dogs become without humans in their lives? Aeon (Chuck L)

Elemental haiku Science (Chuck L). From 2017, but still very cool.

Artemis 1 is Launching in February Universe Today (furzy)

A 150-year-old note from Charles Darwin is inspiring a change in the way forests are planted The Conversation (Kevin W)

These portable factories are solving plastic pollution Inhabitat (David L)

Cognition Without Computation Just because a theory is old doesn’t mean it’s correct SpectrumIEEE (David L)


A deadly parasite that burrows into the body through bare feet could be multiplying in this US community Guardian. Resilc: “Texass, our domestic turd world.” Moi: First chagas, now this….”



From Micael T, uncensored Pfizer-EU contract:

Science summit warns of escalating pandemic disaster WSWS

Pfizer says its COVID-19 pill cuts hospital, death risk 90% Los Angeles Times (furzy). Scathing comments from our Covid experts. Will take too much space to hoist it all, but representative bits, first from KLG:

Results seem to be on a par with the drug whose name dare not be mentioned except to call people names, if IM Doc and thousands of other physicians across the world are to be believed?

And GM:

This will seriously exacerbate the societal divide regarding COVID.

You need to take this shortly after symptoms appear, but it is very expensive. So how many people are going to manage to jump through all the healthcare hoops to get started on it on time? We know which people are not going to have a problem with access…

In the same time, precisely because of that issue, there will be no selective pressure on the virus to evolve resistance, as most transmission will be happening with no protease inhibitor around.

So poor people who can’t afford to immediately run to get tested the moment they get a slight headache will keep getting sick, the rich and comfortable will have a stably effective treatment — with a cocktail of this, Merck’s molnupiavir, which has an orthogonal mechanism of action (although it might be mutagenic, time will tell) and monoclonals, you can be quite certain you will avoid bad outcomes. The poor working class schmucks on the other hand will not have access to that…

My reaction was that a “study” by a big super rich Pharma with only 775 participants looks highly sus. Pfizer could afford to have run 10 identical studies of that size and picked the one that had the best results.

A Review and Autopsy of Two COVID Immunity Studies Brownstone Institute. Israel v. CDC. Guess who loses?


‘Enough Is Enough’: Vermont Reports Record 487 New COVID-19 Cases NECN (resilc). 71.3% fully vaccinated.

Patients Went Into the Hospital for Care. After Testing Positive There for Covid, Some Never Came Out. Kaiser Health News


Travel stocks rally, stay-at-home companies plunge as pandemic wanes and tourism rebounds CNBC


Chinese intelligence officer convicted of stealing secrets from General Electric Financial Times

COP26/Climate Change

Greta Thunberg, at COP26, Says Talks Are Becoming a ‘Greenwash Campaign’ New York Times (David L). A feature, not a bug.

Energy Dilemma New Left Review (Anthony L)

These otherworldly photos convey climate change’s effects on Arctic regions NPR (David L)

Mining the Planet to Death: The Dirty Truth About Clean Technologies Der Spiegel (resilc)

As climate talks put focus on water crisis, the Colorado River provides a stark example Los Angeles Times (David L). From last week, still germane.

Europe’s Brutal and Illegal Approach to Migration: “Our Orders Are Clear. Nobody Gets Through” Der Spiegel

Rusty Charley Wolfgang Streck (Anthony L)

Sierra Leone explosion: Scores dead after Freetown oil tanker collision BBC 🙁

New Cold War

CIA director dispatched to Moscow to warn Russia over troop buildup near Ukraine CNN. Kevin W: “Even the Ukrainians don’t see a threat.”


Saudis, Iranians circle in a cautious rapprochement Asia Times (Kevin W)

Saudi gets first major arms deal under Biden with air-to-air missiles Reuters (resilc)

From earlier this week. Chuck L points out the event could be from a month earlier:

Imperial Collapse Watch

State Dept. names new coordinator on ‘Havana Syndrome’ cases Politico

USS Connecticut Smashed Into A Seamount, May Have Ripped Off Sonar Dome The Drive (Chuck L)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Widespread Security Risk Identified in Phones and Bluetooth Devices SpectrumIEEE (David L)

A Drone Tried to Disrupt the Power Grid. It Won’t Be the Last Wired

A critical opportunity to ban killer robots – while we still can Amnesty International


January 6 timeline: How Trump tried to weaponize the Justice Department to overturn the 2020 election CNN (furzy)


Arrest illustrates how Steele dossier was political dirty trick by Hillary Clinton New York Post


Liberals, moderates strike deal on Biden agenda, clearing way for votes The Hill

Divided Democrats Lurch Toward Vote on $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill New York Times (Kevin W)

And it’s official:

Democrats’ Massive Tax Cut for the Wealthy TaxBytes

Not hard to see where this was going:

A Strong Jobs Report Gives Biden and the Democrats a Reason to Hope New Yorker (TF)

Exclusive: Baby handed to U.S. soldiers in chaos of Afghanistan airlift still missing Reuters

Glenn Youngkin and Ivy League populism The Economist

Of Course Joe Manchin Drives a Maserati Vice (resilc)

Health Care

PhRMA | Behind the 340B Drug Pricing Program Axios. Resilc: “Why isn’t there a scam.”

Our Famously Free Press

Rachel Maddow’s Shocking New Low Matt Taibbi

Facebook’s metaverse plans labelled as ‘dystopian’ and ‘a bad idea’ BBC

Woke Watch

Latinos graded by skin color in Covid discrimination poll RT. Kevin W: “Even the KKK would be too embarrassed to pull a stunt like this.”

Theranos bilked elite old-money investors of $400 million, say prosecutors BoingBoing (resilc)

Eric Adams vows to take first three paychecks as NYC mayor in Bitcoin Independent (resilc). Wowsers. Clueless as to what that will take operationally. Gonna cost way way way more than a full year of pay to implement this stunt. Does he want NYC’s treasury to be able to handle Bitcoin in anticipation of ransomware attacks? That’s the only possible public purpose.

September Trade Deficit Rises 11.2% to a Record High Angry Bear

Apple’s New Screen Repair Trap Could Change the Repair Industry Forever Fixit. Dan K: “Richest company in the world.”

Class Warfare

I’m Still Here Freddie deBoer (Anthony L). Today’s must read.

Americans Just Don’t Care Anymore Heisenberger Report (resilc). “Precarity is the great unifier in America.”

Food Processing: Where Did All of the Food & Beverage Workers Go? Food Processing (JS)

Antidote du jour (Timotheus):

And a bonus:

And a second bonus (Dr. Kevin):

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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