Pixyz 2021.1: More powerful 3D data prep with new products and features

We’ve listened to your feedback and are introducing Pixyz Scenario Processor, a new automation/batching tool that is simpler and more affordable than Pixyz Batch which is being replaced. Pixyz Scenario Processor is for IT professionals, independent software vendors, and creative studios looking to rapidly automate their 3D, CAD and point cloud pipelines.

The goal of automated 3D data preparation is to reduce the time, effort and cost of complex manual processing by reapplying the same optimization scenario on batches of files, automatically. Scenario Processor comes with a set of ready-to-use 3D optimization and conversion scenarios to convert CAD to .pxz or asset bundles for Unity, CAD to a mesh with a specific polygon target, or optimize point clouds. 

Teams can import a 3D file, process it according to a data preparation scenario and export it as an optimized 3D file. Pixyz Scenario Processor automates this process, at scale. Start with one of our ready-to-use scenarios and if you need more you can extend them or build new ones from scratch with Python API in Pixyz Studio. 

Scenario Processor can be deployed on AWS Marketplace, or as stand-alone executable for Windows, Linux and Docker. If you are an existing Pixyz Batch user, you can follow this tutorial or contact our sales team.

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