Building the metaverse with style

This is all thanks to a recent breakthrough from our research team. We believe in transparency, so we published our method, Optimal Textures, for the rest of the world to learn from and build on.

As Principal Engineer on the Unity Research team, Eric Risser explains, “Style Transfer is, by no means, a new subject in academia, but this paper sets itself apart from previous algorithms in a very important way.

There are three factors used to judge a Style Transfer algorithm:

1.       Quality of the final results

2.       Speed and memory requirements

3.       Ability to work on any given style

Typically, you’d expect a decent Style Transfer algorithm to score well in one of these three categories, while best-in-class algorithms achieve high marks in two out of three. What sets Optimal Textures apart isn’t that it raises the bar in any one of these categories, but that it scores high marks across all three, making it the first Style Transfer algorithm ready to leave the lab and find its way into your next project.”

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