Tencent buys 6.86 percent stake in From Software parent company Kadokawa

Tencent has purchased a 6.86 percent stake in From Software parent company Kadokawa.

From Software is best known as the studio behind Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Elden Ring. Its parent company Kadokawa is a sprawling media conglomerate that owns a number of publishing, film, and cross media businesses.

As highlighted on Twitter by Dr. Serkan Toto, the CEO of video game consultancy Katan Games Inc., the deal is being pitched as a “capital and business alliance” that will see Tencent invest in Kadokawa animation projects and video game adaptions of those titles.

“[The purchase will] strengthen joint efforts in the animation and game segments; strengthen and accelerate the implementation of the global strategy for Kadokawa IP, including in China; and [allow Kadokawa to] utilize the platforms owned by the Tencent Group,” explained Kadokawa in a presentation shared online.

Kadokawa also confirmed the deal on its own website, with the Japanese media conglomerate again describing the move as a “strategic alliance” in a notice to investors.

The news comes around nine months after Sony purchased a 1.93 stake in Kadokawa as part of a “capital alliance.”

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