How This 10 Million User Company Rebranded Itself

Many companies have the same brand image today as a decade ago. As a result, they give an outdated and unexciting impression to people. Sometimes it’s necessary to reinvent your brand to improve how users perceive it.

After 15 years and 10 million users, Jotform has decided to rebrand itself. They changed their logo, tagline, and product visuals. Doing this has improved the way users perceive their brand. Their new image exudes a more modern, friendly, and professional vibe.

New Logo

They changed the ‘F’ in JotForm to a lowercase ‘f’ to enhance readability and avoid format confusion. They also modernized the original pencil icon to reflect the evolution of their brand identity.

The refreshed pencil is more colorful and geometric to emphasize the variety of forms they offer. There were many logo iterations before they finally found the one.

New Tagline

The new tagline reflects Jotform’s belief that powerful forms can make all the difference in organizational productivity. Organizations can improve their work efficiency with forms that generate reports, automate workflows, and use conditional logic.

New Product Visuals

The new branding is not only incorporated in the logo but also in the product visuals. They applied the same color palette to the icons to create a cohesive brand identity.

They also applied the visuals to their interface for a consistent user experience across every screen. As a result, users will always get a friendly and professional appearance wherever they navigate.

Celebrating 10 Million Users

Jotform recently crossed 10 million users worldwide. They’re a bootstrapped company that’s been in the business for 15 years. This remarkable achievement inspired the rebrand.

Jotform’s brand image has changed, but its mission will always remain the same, “To help make organizations more productive and users’ lives easier through the power of online forms.”

Meet the new Jotform




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