Unity InputField not triggering on screen keyboard in Android

In Unity I have tried clicking GameObject > UI > Input Field to add an Input Field. No settings changed from there.

I then build an APK of this and open it in Android Studio device simulator.

The app opens fine and I can see the Input Field. If I click it however, it does not trigger the Android on screen keyboard. I can type into it using my computer keyboard, but the touchscreen keyboard does not come up.

If I add a script to the scene on Start() with the line: TouchScreenKeyboard.Open("entry text", default, true, true, false); it opens up the keyboard just fine. So clearly it can load the keyboard but it is not.

How do I get the keyboard to load properly on clicking an Input Field? Is this a glitch of some kind?

Also if I set the Keyboard with the above options, it allows the entry text box to grow as big as I type into, meaning it can fill the screen if I write a long enough message. In actual apps, usually there is a viewport and scroll window for the entry box so it doesn’t fill the screen even with a large message.

Is there some way to make it do this as well? ie. To override the keyboard’s text box to build and manage your own? Or customize the keyboard’s input text box dimensions?


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