The PO vs PM madness. All you need to know to navigate the PO… | by Afonso Franco | Oct, 2021

“Someone does need to do this administrative work, but this is all about delivering output, and it’s really very little to do with what I am concerned about in terms of the need for true, consistent innovation on behalf of our customers.”

“The Product Manager is explicitly responsible for ensuring value and viability; the designer is responsible for ensuring usability; and the tech lead is responsible for ensuring feasibility. The team does this by truly collaborating in an intense, give and take, in order to discover a solution that works for all of us.”

By Teresa Torres

Madness #2: The PM plus PO

“I absolutely believe it’s critical to be a single person rather than two.”

Madness #3: The PO as a PM overnight

“The result of this is that countless people with just product owner training — but the product manager title or responsibilities — to put it bluntly, have absolutely no clue what they’re doing.”

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