Subnautica developer Unknown Worlds has been acquired by Krafton

PUBG maker Krafton has acquired Subnautica developer Unknown Worlds for an undisclosed fee.

Unknown Worlds will become Krafton’s sixth independent studio, and has been purchased by the South Korean company in a bid to expand and diversify its video game portfolio.

“Unknown Worlds are incredibly skilled and passionate developers with an unparalleled gift for creativity and a proven track record of building successful player-driven worlds,” said Krafton chief exec, CH Kim, in a press release. 

“Krafton will spare no effort in helping them. Not only do they enhance our development capabilities, but we share a goal of creating unique experiences for global audiences.”

Charlie Cleveland, CEO of Unknown Worlds, said the deal will allow the studio to “bring new games to the world stage,” and indicated the two companies are “aligned in the way we think about games and game development.”

Unknown Worlds’ current leadership structure will remain in place following the deal, with Krafton keen to preserve the California-based studio’s sense of identity.

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