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On October’s M365 Government Community Call, we are joined by Amie Seisay and Swetha Sankaran, to discuss none other than SharePoint, after all these years. Before that, some news and government-focused community events. Skip past the video to read all about the episode, or join us live (or watch the recording) October 11th at 11:30am eastern time here:


In the News



Government Community Events



Today’s Discussion


In this episode we dig into the following topics (with some links to what we discussed):


  • Why should people care about SharePoint Online?
  • Can we end the debate, once and for all: Is OneDrive SharePoint?
  • How do you improve discoverability in your org? What are some recommended practices?
    M365 Roadmap | Microsoft Search for GCC
  • Are we better off now that meeting recordings are stored in OneDrive now instead of Stream?
  • What are some of the common pain points with SharePoint today that your users still experience?
  • How do you convince customers the value of Modern vs Classic mode?
  • How do you educate users on the right way to leverage a SharePoint site?
  • What are some recommendations for organizations when setting up their SharePoint intranet?
  • How do you educate customers on the value of a modern/flat architecture?


Today’s Panelists


Today’s panelists can be found on Twitter if you want to connect with them further!


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